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Choix Vocational Services

Welcome to Choix Vocational Services a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides supports and services to individuals with developmental disabilities through it facility in East Los Angeles and throughout the local and neighboring communities. The program is licensed through the Community Care Licensing to provide services for individuals with developmental disabilities with a staff to participant ratio of one staff member to three participants.

Choix Vocational Services is dedicated to providing individuals with disabilities new opportunities to lead fulfilling lives thorough life skill training, employment and community integration. Individuals in this service participate in a variety of activities that may include paid work, volunteer work as well as various on-site classes.

The overall philosophy of Choix Vocational Services is to empower our participants to make individual choices, feel respected and have a sense of dignity, as well as, have their needs met on an individualized basis.

Choix Vocational Services embrace the philosophy that any individual, regardless of the extent of his disabilities, is capable of participating and contributing to his community when the appropriate supports are provided.

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